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World Photographic Academy

The World Photographic Academy was created in 2007 to act as expert advisors to the World Photography Organisation.

The Academy began in 2017 with 12 members, including Elliott Erwitt, Mary Ellen Mark, Nan Goldin and Martin Parr, and has now grown to more than 150+ members from across the world.  Drawn from across photographic industry, members invited to join the Academy include internationally respected photographers and artists, gallerists, museum directors, curators, academics, authors, agency heads, and more.

We ask that the Academy is able to guide and help develop the future of the World Photography Organisation, its initiatives and the development of our international photography programs, including the Sony World Photography Awards.

In return, we aim to support our members and promote their name and work, as well as provide work for them through our own initiatives.


Adrian Boot

Adrian Evans

Aiden Sullivan

Alain Genestar

Alan Sparow

Alvin Booth

Amelia Troubridge

Anders Peterson

Andrew Sanigar

Anton Corbijn

Arnaud Adida

Barry Senior

Boris Mikhailov

Bruce Davidson

Caprice Horn

Carl De Keyzer

Carol Allen-Storey

Casper Dalhoff

Chloe Limpkin

Chris Parker