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Focus on form and framing - Jamal Burger

By Matthew Oxley | 1 year ago

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Canadian based photographer Jamal Burger shifts his focus between the city and sport with his work. Since 2014, Jamal has worked with acclaimed brands such as Jordan, Nike, Apple and more. 

From Tokyo to New York, Jamal says he finds himself shooting his niche: "In the city, where high energy and constant movement are prevalent. I see the camera as a means to capture the fleeting moments in a concentrated manor."


Tell us about your approach to photography

I am more focused on capturing moments than taking pictures. I like to be able to say there was a specific moment in time, and I was lucky enough to react and capture it. I prefer black and white because it simplifies my perspective and I only focus on the form and framing.

When and why did you get started in the medium?

3 years ago, I started using my phone. 2 years ago I got my first professional camera. It's been a long, but worthwhile process.


When and why did you get started in the medium?

I believe in being able to freeze a moment in time that can never be recaptured, maybe replicated, but never duplicated. One day I want to be able to say my photos are my own and I took them the way I saw fit.

What's next for you? 

I'm currently exploring options in the effort of pushing my self into new territory; where I can share a whole story through images, rather than 1 picture at a time.


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