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Urban mood and evening lights, Hlinka Zsolt

By Matthew Oxley | 1 year ago

Hlinka Zsolt says of his photography: “I am fascinated by the urban mood and evening lights. Landscapes with strange mood seize me. I am looking for geometry and symmetry obsessively in each of my compositions. When I take a photo, I exclude all other circumstances and focus only on the picture to be prepared. I collect moments.”

Hlinka is shortlisted in the 2017 Sony World Photography Awards Professional competition with his series ‘Urban Symmetry’.


Hi Hlinka - Firstly, why photography?

I would have never thought that photography will be my main passion, which is a great experience for me, if i can spend my time with it. I can't wait to discover a new idea and to present my photography to the world. This is my way of life now.


Tell us more about your series ‘Urban Symmetry’

‘Urban Symmetry’ presents buildings on the banks of the River Danube, which are emphasized out of their surroundings and put into soundproof, homogeneous space cleaned of exterior information. However, the series cannot be considered as a dry study, because it does not depict the raw reality: if you get a closer view of the photographs, you may discover that none of the pictures show the buildings in their full form, but only their reflected part. After all, these fictitious buildings coming into existence and condense their original character into themselves, as if you could see human faces and different personalities on the building portraits.


Do you have a photographic philosophy?

I'm a visual photographer. What you can see in my photos is more important for me than the hidden content. I don't really like the exact message, I think the artist gives you something of himself, and will be decided by viewer whether art was born from it. Hopefully, it will mean different things for every viewer.


What's next for you?

I'm fascinated by the mood of a city and it’s light. I find the geometry and symmetry obsessively in all compositions. My next series will be fit in this topic as well, but for now, it’s a secret.


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