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Amazing images from The Queen of the Sky

5 years ago

"It's not every day you get to turn your dreams into a reality. Photography has always been a passion of mine that somehow morphed into my career. As scary as it was, I left my job in the finance world and haven't looked back since." - Miss Hatten 


Hi Natalie. Please introduce yourself and your photography to our audience 

Hey! My name is Natalie Amrossi, also known as @Misshattan, and I am a travel / commercial photographer based out of NYC, with a major passion for aerial perspectives. 


Tell us about the series of images we featured on the @worldphotoorg feed. Do you have a favourite, and why?

It's really hard to pick a favorite photo. They each remind me of a different experience in life. I guess I would have to say the Frozen Waters image - as its very rare to find the Hudson water frozen from how cold it could get in New York.


Why photography? What does the medium mean to you?

I feel like photography is like my superpower. It gives me the ability to freeze a moment in time and to me, time is the most valuable thing someone could have.

Do you have a photographic philosophy?

I don't have a major philosophy when it comes to photography. I believe anyone could create incredible images using any medium. 

What inspires you?

I think what inspires me the most are the people that I'm surrounded by and the life experiences I've come across. All of these incredible adventures I've been on and the beautiful people I’ve met along the way, gives me purpose and true happiness. It motivates me to continue to create and preserve the memories that I cherish so deeply.