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Monthly pick of the pics winner and runners up!

2 years ago

Wow! How are we almost in the last month of the Open competition? Time flies when you're out there taking photographs, eh? With the deadline for the 2022 Awards fast approaching (don't forget! ends 7 January 2022 13:00 GMT) it's great to see more and more of your amazing single images being entered. Take a look below at who made this month's final cut. Each lucky entrant receives a free image bundle to enter more than the standard three images for free. 


Well done Mikel Camara from Spain! You win a FREE 50 image bundle to enter 50 more images to our Open competition, plus exposure on our online platforms!


I took this image in New York City while on a short photography focused trip I did in April 2021. I wandered the streets for a couple of hours every night.




Great job Alain Mouton from France! You win a 20 image bundle.

This is a tribute to romantic paintings and engravings. I superimposed two images and did some alterations in PhotoShop. 




Bravo Pilar Elespuru from Peru, you win a 10 image bundle! 


I took this photo after climbing up one of the Lima hills. From this viewpoint on clear days you can see the city, when it's cloudy you are presented with a dreamlike scene, as seen here.