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Making your mark: Top tips from Diana Markosian, Juno Calypso and Hayley Louisa Brown

6 years ago

Three judges from the 2017 Breakthrough Awards, Diana Markosian, Juno Calypso and Hayley Louisa Brown, recently talked to British Journal of Photography about what they're looking forward to seeing most in this year's competition. We picked out our favourites snippets. 

The 2017 Breakthrough Awards provides both graduate and undergraduates the chance to succeed. The jury this year, as well as those above, includes Maisie Skidmore, online editor of AnOther Magazine; Emma Bowkett, photography director of the FT Weekend Magazine, and Emma Lewis, assistant curator of Tate Modern. Winners will be published in BJP’s online and printed channels as well as taking part in the group show.


Diana Markosian, photographer at Magnum Photos

  • "The work has to breathe compassion"
  • "I’m looking for the sort work one makes because they can’t imagine not making it…That’s when it feels raw"


Juno Calypso, winner of the 2016 Breakthrough Award

  • "I like it when you can tell they had fun making it, that they did it for themselves before anyone else"
  • "I know how it feels to place all your hopes into a single competition... I don’t want to make lazy decisions when judging"
  • What I will say though, is even if you do get rejected – keep applying or just do your own thing.”


Hayley Louisa Brown, founder & editor of BRICK magazine:

  • "I like being able to learn things about the photographer from their photographs"
  • "Every single photographer has a completely unique perspective of the subject they’re capturing and that connection is what makes some images shine more than others to me"


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