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Late Afternoon Fight - Max van Son

7 years ago

Max van Son is a Dutch architect and photographer based in Amsterdam. His work focuses on architectural, environmental, urban, abstraction and design photography. His images have been awarded in international photographic exhibitions and international salons of photography. 

Max's image 'Late Afternoon Fight' was awarded first place in The Netherlands National Award, part of the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards


Hi Max. Tell us more about your succesful image 'Late Afternoon Fight'

This image was taken at the coastal sand dunes in the Dutch province of North Holland, The Netherlands in the summer of 2015. I was in this area shooting all afternoon. Suddenly I heard the sound of angry foxes in the bushes. I cautiously approached the foxes, then I saw two fighting red foxes just before sunset. At a given moment the sunlight fell nicely into the gaping mouths of the opposing foxes. It was the right moment to take a different kind of shot.

How does your practice as an architect influence your photography?

I think there is an important intersection of photography and architecture. Due to my architectural background I have developed a different approach to photography. This can be seen clearly in my abstract and architectural photography. I am looking for the singularity and uniqueness of a building or an (architectural) environment. In my view, analyzing architecture is an important factor to give the images a personal interpretation. It's always a challenge to combine lines, patterns, shapes and light to create an interesting and original photographic composition.

Tell us more about your journey in photography

My first attempts in digital photography date back to 2010. I have been focussing my photography on abstraction, architecture, environmental photography and street photography. My work is characterized by the portrayal of people in architecture, the context, society and environment around architecture. In addition I find my inspiration in capturing animals in relation to their natural habitat.

In november 2011 I sent my first image to an international salon of photography. Since then I have participated in many international exhibitions of photography. A large number of photographs have been awarded and published. This year I have been selected the winner and the third prize of The Netherlands National Award.

Do you have a photographic philosophy?

My interest in place, form, structure and texture largely influences my style of photography. I pay close attention to composition, lighting and colour. Inspired by minimalism and fine art compositions in photography, I try to simplify. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 

I use my intuition, interests, curiosity and connection to the subject or scenery to bring out its hidden qualities and values. I like to make photographs which leave something to the imagination.

What are you working on at the moment?

At this moment I am working on various series: The documenting of urban revitalization; the interaction between people and street furniture: and the interaction between people and contemporary art in museums.