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The essentials: 10 TikTok accounts to follow

1 year ago

With over 1 billion users and an algorithm that favours the fast-moving nature of trends, TikTok’s continued popularity is something members of the photography community are all too aware of. Since the start of 2022, we’ve seen a real shift in the way we’re presented with content on existing social platforms, particularly Instagram, and there’s no denying there’s been a pivot towards short-form video. 

While this move away from eye-catching, beautiful stills might be frustrating for photographers, one thing is for certain, TikTok – and video – is definitely here to stay. As a photographer, there’s no need to feel disillusioned or find this new platform intimidating, it can be a great way to engage with your audience faster and a brilliant tool for discovering and interacting with other members of the photography community. 

To get you started on your TikTok adventure, we’ve picked out 10 photo-related accounts we think you should follow, engage with and learn from… 


It’s not just about the number of followers or likes that impressed us when looking through Andre’s TikTok. Balanced between some incredible footage (check out his ‘Summer Bucket List’ adventure) and useful tutorial content (his top tips for light painting, drone shooting and capturing waves) made him make our list.  

The colour palette continuity in Matteo Velci’s feed is sure to appeal to any photographer who likes a ‘curated’ feed. Another content creator focused on sharing awe-inspiring adventure footage, you’re sure to take him up on his offer in his bio. 

If wildlife on safari is your thing, then you must follow Marlon Dutoit. Celebrating the incredible animals he sees while traveling the world’s great plains, his TikTok is a great insight into great, traditional wildlife photography.


Kit reviews, tutorial videos and how to try out the latest trends and technique in photography - the Sony Alpha TikTok is sure to give you daily inspirational content to help further your photography.

Kaci Merriwether-Hawkins grew 3,000 followers on TikTok overnight - now that’s a social media success story if there ever was one. As well as sharing her own photography, Kaci set up her account to share her love for visiting galleries and museums in her home city of New York. A great resource if you ever find yourself in the big apple.

It’s all the tutorial videos full of tips and tricks – particularly on lighting techniques – that made us follow Jason Vinson. A wedding and documentary photographer by day, Jason’s behind-the-scenes footage is a great insight into how to get the best photographs out of fast-moving environments.

A visual artist with 15 years of experience, Jeremy Cowart is a portrait photographer with a difference. With many of his works being interactive (his website is well worth checking out too) and a background in painting and graphic design too, Jeremy certainly looks at pushing the boundaries of photography. He’s into NFTs too, in case you’re curious.

Its clear that Michael, the man behind islandwildlife, is fully passionate and committed to wildlife conservation. Focusing his videos on animals in and around Vancouver Island, his storytelling will keep you hooked and waiting for each new post.  


Sharing her journey as a self-taught film photographer, Temi Lawson picked up a camera just two years ago - a fact that’s pretty impressive when you look at her vivid portraits. An Art Director for a successful ad agency by day, Temi’s passion and skills for analogue photography remind us of the medium’s poetry potential. Alongside her TikTok account, we recommend following Temi on YouTube and Instagram.

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