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We celebrate International Women's Day

3 years ago

First celebrarted in 1911, this year marks the 110th International Women's Day and while we might not be able to support this defining event by marching in the streets, together we can still salute those who have furthered the world to be a place where equality, justice, dignity and respect can exist. 

For today we wanted to embrace powerful female figures by showcasing some of the best woman photographers shortlisted or named finalist in this year's Professional competition. From abstract macro shots of ice to eleborate staged shoots, we honour the diversity, inclusivity and creativity that the photographic medium can be through a selection of standout series. Good photography shows commitment, creativity and has a lasting quality that makes us want to look at the images again. We feel the selection below encapsulate these key elements to good imagery. 

Throughout time there have been countless female photographers who have used their imagery to communicate important stories, ideas and opinions and we aim to promote those woman – both past and present – through the Sony World Photography Awards. Take for example Eve Arnold, Mary Ellen Mark and Candida Höfer, who are just three of the photographers we've honoured through the Outstanding Contribution to Photography award.  We'll be announcing the 2021 recipient later this week on Thursday, 11 March, so make sure you tune into the World Photography Organisation channels. Another announcement for your calendar is the Alpha Female Award, which we'll be revealing later this month. An initiative set up in 2020 with Sony US, the programme puts engaging photographic work created by women worldwide centre stage and acknowledges the rich diversity of photography today. Make sure you're kept up to date by signing up to our newsletter - more information can be found at the end of this article.