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This week's focus: femgrafia

1 year ago

 © Claudia Amuedo, courtesy of Femgrafía; INDEX portfolio

We hand over the World Photography Organisation Instagram feed to femgrafía, an online platform celebrating female photographers from Spain and Latin America. We talk to femgrafía's founder Karla Guerrero, a National Award winner for Mexico in 2018. 

Why did you decide to set up femgrafía? 

It all happened out of wanting to find more female photographers on the scene, and femgrafía was born as a way to find them. Along the way, spaces, collectives and contests were appearing with the same focus to support women in the photography field. All this inspired me to think about what I could contribute with this platform, and after three years in operation, the response to each idea and/or content shared has been beyond what I imagined.


How does a photographer become a member of femgrafía and how does the platform support its members? 

It’s very simple: there are open calls throughout the year for women photographers to submit their work. They can share their images via Instagram posts (using the hashtag #femgrafia) or apply to be part of online group exhibitions.

There’s also the INDEX portfolio, which is an archive currently made up of 65 women photographers from Latin America and Spain. There is a range photographers in the portfolio, who all see their careers developing in different ways. All of them have been invited to be part of INDEX, either after they’ve submitted their work for review or through any of the open calls.


We’re showcasing three members from femgrafía on our Instagram, why did you choose to showcase these photographers?

Well, these three photographers are part of the INDEX. I always find a way to promote the portfolio and share the work of each member. In the end, each photographer in INDEX has the space to be seen. Members of the World Photography Organisation community can see the complete directory here

How has starting femgrafía benefited your own career? 

It’s benefited more than my career. It’s helped me to see new works, concepts, techniques, as well as be more aware of the female gaze, which is important in the photography industry. I’ve found collaborating with different spaces and building a stronger community with the artists and professionals that I met hugely valuable.


In recent years you’ve been on the judging panel for photography competitions, what are your top three pieces of advice for anyone entering the competition?  

Always be true to who you are as an artist and the artworks you create. Find the right place or platform for you and your career and finally, enjoy the process. You learn something every time you enter any contest or any step you make.

You won a National Award for Mexico in the 2018 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards. Other than setting up the impressive femgrafía, what else have you achieved since your win?

I have had the opportunity to experience different facets and moments in my career and it’s exciting to know that there are many more to come. Among the highlights are participating in both group and individual exhibitions, being a jury and curator, plus giving workshops and talks. Since 2018 I have not stopped working on what for me is more than a passion, but, a way of living.

You largely photograph still life and your artwork has a strong poetic quality. What drew you to this particular photographic approach? 

I believe that all the references that I have been able to study or meet during my practice have left something, which has led me to rethink the image and experiment with my work. Without a doubt, being more aware of my gaze and my process triggers those moments and approaches, which can feel poetic, intimate, and emotional. So in my seeing, there is the act of observing and perhaps later a photograph can emerge.

Has there been one particular photographer or a photo project that's made a big impression on your practice?

There are many. What I can say is that my references are not only in photography but also in painting and film. Not to mention the literary aspect in specific philosophical reflections.

What’s next for you creatively? Have you got a particular project you’re working on? 

I am currently developing new works and projects, and am looking at the photobook format. For now I'm enjoying the moments of production and creation.

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