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Open shortlist & category winners: first look

3 months ago

The results of the Open competition, highly anticipated by photographers and photography lovers worldwide, have been announced! The 17th edition saw over 395,000 images from over 220 countries and territories.

The Open competition has ten diverse categories which reflect the many faces of the photographic medium. Each category winner receives digital imaging equipment from Sony and will go on to compete for the prestigious Open Photographer of the Year title and a $5,000 (USD) prize. 

We dive into the stories behind the photographs shot by category winners.


Ana Skobe

© Ana Skobe, Slovenia, Winner, Open Competition, Architecture, 2024 Sony World Photography Awards

© Ana Skobe, Slovenia, Winner, Open Competition, Architecture, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

‘Bathed in soft evening light, a lighthouse rises into the clear sky, its clean, sleek, geometric design contrasting with the coastal landscape. Positioned at its base is a figure – a contemplative man gazing out at the expanse of the ocean before him. The juxtaposition of the solitary silhouette against the infinite horizon creates a moment of reflection and connection with the vastness of the ocean.’

Rob Blanken

© Rob Blanken, Netherlands, Winner, Open Competition, Creative, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

‘A 5x enlargement of crystals of amino acids (B-alanine, L-glutamine and glycine), photographed with the help of polarising filter.'


Liam Man

© Liam Man, United Kingdom, Winner, Open Competition, Landscape, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

‘As a moonrise burns across the horizon, lights dance above the Old Man of Storr in Scotland. This iconic rock formation was illuminated with powerful lights attached to drones, which cut through the darkness to reveal the icy landscape. Blizzards howled for the majority of the night, leaving mere minutes to execute this photograph before the moon became too bright.’


Alvin Kamau

© Alvin Kamau, Kenya, Winner, Open Competition, Lifestyle, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

'This editorial photoshoot was inspired by haute couture fashion culture. The photograph was taken in a studio in Nairobi, Kenya. ‘Twende Ziwani' is Swahili for 'Let's go to the lake'. The model's pose shows him carrying his shoes on his shoulders while looking to his side. The title also refers to Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and the source of the Nile River.’


Samuel Andersen

© Samuel Andersen, Norway, Winner, Open Competition, Motion, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

‘A rider passes through a muddy part of the course at the Norwegian National Championships in Hafjell Bike Park, Norway. As I was using an 11mm fisheye lens, I needed to get really close to get this shot, and both myself and my gear ended up getting splashed. It was worth it though, as the backlighting from this angle was very effective.’


Ian Ford

© Ian Ford, United Kingdom, Winner, Open Competition, Natural World & Wildlife, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

‘We had bid farewell to our São Lourenço River lodge, marking the end of our Pantanal adventure, but as we were leaving we heard that a jaguar had been spotted roughly 30 minutes away. We raced to the scene and encountered this sleek female jaguar stalking her prey. Our boat – and my camera – was perfectly positioned as she pounced on an unsuspecting caiman.'

 Toni Rinaldo

© Toni Rinaldo, Indonesia, Winner, Open Competition, Object, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

‘I took this picture in a waiting room. The difference in colour of the two chairs next to one another caught my eye. This reminded me of my country, Indonesia, where different cultures exist side by side, and that is what makes people interested in visiting it.'


Michelle Sank

© Michelle Sank, United Kingdom, Winner, Open Competition, Portraiture, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

‘This image is part of my ongoing series Ballade, which is a poetic homage to my birthplace. My strongest memories are of Sea Point Promenade and the Pavilion swimming pool, although due to apartheid it was only for the privileged white population. Returning in 2023 I was again drawn to these spaces where little seems to have changed in terms of structure and recreation, but they now celebrate cultural and social diversity.'

Callie Eh

© Callie Eh, Malaysia, Winner, Open Competition, Street Photography, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

‘A groom waves enthusiastically while passing by during a ceremonial procession for a wedding in Bhaktapur, Nepal.’


Yan Li, China Mainland

© Yan Li, China Mainland, Winner, Open Competition, Travel, Sony World Photography Awards 2024

‘On Lake Titicaca, between Peru and Bolivia, a tranquil floating village stands in stark contrast to the approaching wildfire, a dramatic testament to nature’s dual disposition.


The Open Photographer of the Year will be announced at the black-tie awards ceremony on 18 April in London. The winning photographs will be shown at the upcoming Sony World Photography Awards 2024 exhibition, opening on 19 April.