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Davide Monteleone - '4 Days at the Nomad Games'

By Elly Thomas | 1 year ago

Sony Global Imaging Ambassador Davide Monteleone is an artist and visual journalist working on long term independent project using photography video and text. He has devoted himself to the study of social issues, exploring the relation between Power and individual. Known for his specific interest in the post-soviet countries, he published 3 books on this topic: Dusha, Russian Soul in 2007, La Linea Inesistente, in 2009, Red Thistle in 2012 and Spasibo in 2013. Davide is the latest member to join the Imaging Ambassadors team for Sony Italy.

At the beginning of September Kirghizistan hosted the World Nomad Games. The games, designed to celebrate the nomadic heritage of the Central Asian nations has seen Forty countries are participating, some of which have long nomadic histories. Others are mainly there for the fun of the games. For me it was an occasion to extend my exploration on Central Asian’s states where I’m planning a new project soon.


Popup 17/07/18