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The Latin American Professional Award: our favourites!

3 years ago

From creative interpretations of the pandemic to imaginary landscapes, the series recognised in this year's Latin America Professional Award are a standout selection demonstrating the technical skill, artistic excellence and powerful story-telling of the region's photography community. Shining a spotlight on talent from across Mexico, Central America and South America, the award celebrates how immensely varied each photographer's work is. 

A huge congratulations goes to Andrea Alkalay for her ingenious series Landscape on Landscape. Fascinated by the idea of nature as a cultural construct, in this project Alkalay shows us what it looks like when the real and the manipulated overlap, resulting in a new landscape. In the foreground we see a tranquil monochrome scene, which is juxtaposed with the rear image, which shows a digitally manipulated colourful backdrop. The judges applauded how these images deal with observations such as the perception of colour through its absence, or the flatness of paper through its fold.

Speaking about her win, the Argentinian photographer says: 'I am enormously grateful and proud for this prestigious award from the World Photography Organisation team. It is so important to give visibility to the artwork to reach a wider audience, and as an Argentine artist, it represents a great opportunity, especially in these very rare times. With this recognition, I am lucky to be able to show the world another way of seeing  (which is a thought) opening a dialogue with other photographers or art media people.

'It is a huge personal achievement to have my project valued by an international jury, exhibited, analysed within the greatest projects selected worldwide. It is a key stage of the journey of an artist's transit. To get out of the internal isolated circuit, and to flow out to the world gives meaning to our doing. Definitively empowers my photographic artistic career in a super dynamic way and opens up chances for new challenges. I am very happy to be part of an active community in this magical universe of photography.'


To shine a brighter spotlight on this year’s winners and shortlist, we’ve highlighted just a few of our favourite series below. 


To celebrate the best dynamic and inspiring photographic work currently created in Latin America, the World Photography Organisation and Sony Latin America launched the Latin America Professional Award. The prize is open to all photographers from Latin American countries entering bodies of work (five to ten images) to the Professional competition. Now in its second year, the prize has uncovered some of the most interesting and talented photographers from the region and put their work on a local as well as global stage. Photographers receive Sony digital imaging equipment and exposure through a local regional exhibition.