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Our partners: Angle

2 months ago

Angle was born when its co-founders, Valerie Lopez and Camilo Rojas, were vacationing abroad in Europe and faced a dilemma. While surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and stunning architectural buildings, Valerie, a Miami-based photographer, was torn between the desire to get behind the lens and to be in front of it.

After thinking how nice it would be to have high-quality pictures of themselves on vacation, Valerie and Camilo imagined it would be the perfect opportunity to work with a photographer, but they had no idea how to hire a professional photographer in a foreign city. After many awkward selfies and out-of-focus shots captured by strangers later, they realized they may have just discovered a niche in the photography market and decided to launch Angle.

Angle is an online platform streamlining the hiring process of professional photographers. You can find upcoming and past photoshoots, chat with your client/photographer, view and download your photos, and connect with a 24/7 customer success team.

Why join Angle?

Exposure and Visibility
A large and diverse client base, so your work can reach a wider audience! This translates into more potential clients discovering your work.

Portfolio Showcase
Angle allows you to have a personal landing page - your profile - where you can create a professional-looking portfolio. You can use your own link as a digital showcase of your work, making it easy for potential clients or collaborators to see your style and making you save investments on the website, hosting domains, payment platforms, and other administrative costs associated with your services.

Marketing and Promotion
Angle is a platform to promote your work. They can help boost your visibility by featuring your work on the Angle social networks and their email newsletter.

Legal and Copyright Support
While you focus on what you love -taking photos- Angle is in charge of delivering photos to the client so that they can select only what they paid for and add pictures to their packages at extra cost. That means Angle protects your intellectual property.

Credibility and Trust
Being associated with Angle, a platform with +7 years of background and network, can add credibility to your name. It shows potential clients that you are part of a larger community and have been vetted by us!