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Working in a parallel world - Maciek Jasik

7 years ago

7 days, 7 images on the World Photography Organisation Instagram feed

Born in Gdansk, Poland, Maciek Jasik talks of "seeking to understand society's relationship with the natural world and explore ideas of identity, gender and the self while working in a parallel world of endless color and bewildering physical phenomena." His clients include: IDEO, Adweek, Newsweek, The New York Times, GQ, WIRED US+UK, New York Magazine, Refinery29, Variety, V, Interview, Fast Company, Bloomberg Businessweek, Mother Jones, Huffington Post and The New Republic, among others. 

We spoke to him after his week on @worldphotorg

Why photography? 

I began with photography as a way of documenting what I saw while in Japan. But it evolved into a way of exploring ideas. 

Tell us more about 'A Thousand Souls'. How did the series come about? 

I was in London in 2009 at the National Gallery. I was deeply affected by several post-Impressionist paintings I saw there. I was impressed by how much they could convey with just a few strokes and bright colors. I wanted to create photography that could work in the same way, without relying on detail. I wanted to convey emotionality, not physicality. As the project developed, I saw it as a way of exploring our Western society's approach, bias and prejudice toward gender. What do we expect from each other? 




You have quite a unique aesthetic and utilise colour a lot in the work. How important do you think style is in photography, and with your own work in particular?  

Style should be an extension of your mentality. Style should bring the viewer into your world, your perspective. The two should be intertwined.  Color is very emotional to me. It's a powerful weapon to use in making images. 

Oftentimes, style is just ostentatious or reactionary. It's completely superficial. It's 'slick' for the commercial world, and the reverse, 'raw' for the art world. The two are bleeding into each other currently. 

Do you have a photographic philosophy?

Don't stop experimenting. Keep trying new things. 

Where in the world are you and what's next for you?

I'm in New York City currently. I'll be in Dubai then Namibia in the next six months.