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Vintage NASA Photographs

7 years ago

London's Breese Little gallery today release a new collection of vintage NASA prints for sale, via their new independent website,

The photographs are guaranteed as vintage NASA prints, processed by NASA’s photographic laboratories shortly after they were taken. These contemporary prints, all in excellent condition, and some taken by astronauts such as Neil Armstrong, are very rare and difficult to find.


"Generally speaking, vintage NASA photographs were printed on fibre-based photographic paper, 20 x 25 cm (8 x 10 in). Most are printed on “A Kodak Paper”, a watermark which changed in 1972.  Unless otherwise stated, all photographs are glossy prints on paper. The NASA reference numbers within square brackets do not appear on the prints and are provided for reference. Individual condition reports are available upon request, but all photographs are sold as seen. Prices exclude framing."


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There will be a limited time only discount of 10% on remaining works from the first collection and a discount on all framing running until January 1,  2017.