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Discovery shortlist and finalists On Screen

Purposely not defined by a theme, series of any subject matter, approach and style were rewarded here. The aim of this category was to uncover work that would otherwise go unseen. While a visual narrative was not key for submissions to this category, the photographer’s vision needed to be clear.




Hugh Kinsella Cunningham, United Kingdom, Invisible Wounds


Hashem Shakeri, Iran, Islamic Republic Of, Cast Out of Heaven


Maria Kokunova, Russian Federation, The Cave



Adrian Francis, United States, In Absentia


Diogo Baptista, Portugal, Black Beast


Emmanuelle Firman, France, Five


Edward Kaprov, Israel, Borderlines. Personalities. Disorder


Massimo Gurrieri, Italy, Tutto Scorre, India's Flow


Murat Yazar, Turkey, Shadows of Kurdistan


Thomas Paul Hänisch, Germany, La Sagrada Familia