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Luca Locatelli - 2018 Sony Professional Grant

 2018 Professional Sony Grant © Luca Locatelli

Luca Locatelli has created a new body of work as part of his ongoing five-year project MATERIA: How we live on this planet, which explores humanity’s reactions to the growing environmental and population strains on earth. He has focused on capturing images of two major European cities that he feels combine tradition and modernity - London (UK) and Milan (Italy). He uses these contemporary cityscapes to imaginatively suggest possible views of the future.


As we know, today most of humanity is living in a city and the struggle to improve the quality of our lives in cities is one of the most pressing targets on the planet’s agenda. The fabric and appearance of European cities often combines history and modernity. For the Sony Grant, I have focused on this quality and used it to offer a visual projection of our urban future,” Locatelli comments

Luca Locatelli (b. 1971, Italy) is an Italian visual storyteller, focused on photography and multimedia contents. His work focuses on the interactions between culture, science and the environment, and revolves around the “making” of the future and the role that sustainable technologies play in it. As part of his practice, Locatelli often collaborates with journalists, researchers and specialists in order to further contextualise and enrich his visual research.

Luca is a National Geographic Magazine photographer and frequently contributes to The New York Times Magazine, Time, The New Yorker, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wired, Smithsonian, Stern, Geo France, Geo Germany and Sunday Times Magazine among others. His works have been exhibited extensively around the world.

Read more about 'White Gold', his series awarded 1st Place, Professional Landscape category, at the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards.