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Adalbert Mojrzisch, Germany

2023 Sony World Photography Awards - 2nd Place, Wildlife & Nature, Professional Competition

2020 Sony World Photography Awards - 3rd Place, Natural World & Wildlife, Professional Competition


Adalbert Mojrzisch has always enjoyed photography, but he recently started focusing on extreme macro and micro photography. Adalbert has been taking photographs with microscope lenses corrected to infinity like the Mitutoyo M Plan Apo, Nikon Lu Plan or Olympus UMPlanFl. Due to the small depth of field (DOF) of the microscope lenses, images must be stacked. Adalbert designed and assembled a photo rail, its controller and the photo setup. He also developed the software for the Arduino controller and assembled the powerful computer for the stack calculation. His photo setup is based on the standard M42 macro rings and clamps for Harley Davidson Adalbert stacks either with the rail or with the internal focus bracketing of the EOS M6 Mark II. His images are taken in RAW, developed and converted to TIFF in LR, calculated with Zerene, retouched with PS, downscaled with WEB-sharpener and finally sharpened with Topaz. The compound eyes and wing scales appear particularly interesting at high magnifications.


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