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Craig McGowan, Australia

2020 Sony World Photography Awards - Category Winner, Landscape, Open Competition


An adventurous traveller and a professional landscape photographer, Craig McGowan is driven to seek out some of the most stunning, remote and less-visited locations in Australia and around the world. When he finds them, Craig takes remarkable photographs that capture the raw beauty and emotion of the landscape.


Craig bought his first SLR camera as a teenager and became technically experienced from a young age. His technical ability is unmistakable in his photographs. However, it is only in more recent years that his passion for landscape photography and the desire to capture the emotion of a moment in time took hold.


Craig knows that he is fortunate to visit and photograph some of the most extraordinary landscapes in the world. On one level, a driving factor in his photography is his desire to share his images and to evoke a deeper appreciation and understanding of the often breathtaking beauty of the natural world. On another, more personal level is a fascination with being disconnected from the day-to-day and the profound experience of being immersed in a spectacular landscape with only a couple of camera bodies, a kit bag of lenses and a bit of luck with the weather.


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