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Roei Greenberg, Israel

2014 Sony World Photography Awards - Winner, Landscape, Professional Competition


London based, Israeli artist, Roei Greenberg has an MA Photography (distinction) from The Royal College of Art. Roei grew up on a Kibbutz, located on the northern Israeli border with Lebanon. In 2009 he moved to Tel Aviv, where he completed a BA Photography at Minshar Art College in 2013. His long-term projects focus on landscape as a complex intersection between culture, geography and autobiography, and the effects of human activity on land, political borders and ecology. Roei Greenberg's practice is rooted in the history of the medium, through the use of large format camera and film that create a multi-layered photographic perspective and seeking to disrupt traditional modes of landscape representation; he has dedicated years to investigating the Israeli landscape, its geography,& historical narratives in relation to his own biography; leading to his award winning series entitled Along the Break. In 2018 Roei left Israel to attend the Royal College of Art, and in his search for a new subject matter, found himself once again drawn to questions of land and power, belonging and legitimacy. His work then combines an objective aesthetic with a strong emphasis on thorough research.