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Saleh Rozati, Iran, Republic of

2015 Sony World Photography Awards - Category Winner, People, Open Competition

1982 born in Esfahan / Iran, Saleh Rozati grew up in Iran. He moved to Germany in the summer 2006 moved to Germany. He then moved to Vienna, Austria in October 2008 and started to study Conceptual Arts with professor Dr. Marina Gržinić at Academy Fine of Arts. In October 2009, Saleh started to study stage Design with Prof. Mag. art. Bernhard Kleber at the University of Applied Arts. From March 2011 to June 2011, he was a guest student from the Photography Department with Univ.-Prof. Gabriele Rothemann. In October 2011, Saleh decided to study Art and Photography with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Yair Martin Guttmann. He graduated with Master of Art in April 2014.