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Suxing Zhang, China Mainland

2020 Sony World Photography Awards - Category Winner, Culture, Open Competition


Suxing Zhang is a Chinese fine-art photographer currently living in Australia. Born in the late 1980s, Suxing witnessed the transition from analog film photography to digital photography, and has skills in both. Suxing's work focuses on fine-art and conceptual portraits which can be described as impressionistic surrealism. He sees photographs as impressions that involve not only sheer beauty but also a wide range of emotions, and treats facial expressions and postures as the best mediums to deal with complex concepts. His photographs often involve visual metaphors and metonymies to tell stories and express emotions that are buried deeply in his heart. Experience with painting as well as charcoal sketching has attributed greatly in his use of lighting, composition, colour, texture, and translates to the overall harmony of his visual layouts.