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Through the Viewfinder

On Tuesdays we'll be speaking to an expert in the industry to bring you advice on how to go even further with your photography. Hosted on Instagram Live on the World Photography Organisation profile and around 30 mins long, they'll be a live Q&A at the end of each session. 


Instagram Live with Alys Tomlinson
28 April 6pm BST

Going beyond the brief: the importance of personal projects 

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Instagram Live with Mike Trow
5 May 4.30pm BST

From idea to page: discover how a feature for the world's leading fashion magazine is made 

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Instagram Live with Luca Locatelli
12 May, 6pm BST

Building a story, in pictures: top tips on pitching a project  

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Instagram Live with Sarah Schrimpf 
19 May, 4.30pm BST

Stepping into the spotlight: how to be a successful and engaged photographer early in your career

Instagram Live with Zelda Cheatle
26 May 6pm BST

The power of a good image edit: insights into a key and complex process

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Instagram Live with Nadav Kander 
11 June, 6pm (BST)

Photographer, director and artist Nadav Kander discusses his career to date and how his practice has shifted these past few months. 

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Instagram Live with Isabelle Boyd
16 June at 6pm (BST)

Open book: Designer Isabelle Boyd on creating a photobook that's unique to you 

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