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Beyond the Frame: Lyudmila Sabanina

2 years ago

Lyudmila Sabanina retells her capturing a rare moment of tranquility for her son at her grandmother's home. 

I am happy that I managed to catch this unusual mood of his. 

My son is in the photo. We were visiting my grandmother. I really like the special atmosphere of such apartments, they have history and memories. The light in this part of the room is always very beautiful - so whenever someone in the family is at this table, I immediately pick up my camera.

On this day, the light was magical, a soft gold. Max played his favorite game, he climbed on the table, hopped to the refrigerator and then jumped on the sofa, he repeated this almost a thousand times in a row. He then sat down on the table, froze, and thought for just a second.

I am happy that I managed to catch this unusual mood of his. This picture is the only one I took that afternoon. I pressed the button once, and Max was back in his usual run, jump and never sit mood.

I often take photos of my children, it’s my way to save for them the moments of their childhood. This is very important to me. For this shot I used a Canon 5D Mark III camera and a Sigma Art 24mm 1.4 lens.
I use a lightroom preset for all my photos, based on VSCO 5 Kodak Ultra Max 800 film. I then make a few tweaks and use the brush to make important parts of the image lighter, and those that are not so important darker.