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Top tips from our judges!

2 years ago

The knowledge and experience of this year’s judging panel continues to uphold the reputation of the Awards’ jury since it started 15 years ago. A few members share what they hope to see in this year’s submissions – plus impart a few nuggets of wisdom – to help you go further in this year’s competitions! 


‘I’m hoping to see a wide range of fresh ideas and stories from all over the world...Although the judging process is done anonymously (so we won’t see the name or nationality of the photographer) I hope to see more entries from BIPOC photographers worldwide.’ 
Richmond Orlando Mensah, Founder and Creative Director of Manju Journal 



‘I am looking forward to seeing hybrid combinations of old techniques and digital processes.’
Angela Ferreira, artist, independent photography curator and researcher 



Pick what you feel is your best work; don’t think too hard about it; use photos that have good use of colour; use photos that have interesting light; humour is always good, try to use it; don’t get upset if your work isn’t selected - as long as you’re happy with the work, that’s all that matters.’
Colin Czerwinski, photographer and founder of NOICE Magazine


‘I want to see work that excites me. I’m looking forward to the adventure of seeing work from around the world.’
Deborah Klochko, Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, California 


‘Believe in yourself, continue to work even if your submission does not win a competition. Sometimes participating in a contest helps to progress your practice and thoughts in articulating your work.’
Nathalie Herschdorfer, Director of the Museum of Fine Arts Le Locle, Switzerland


‘I would like to find creativity and originality in the submissions.’
Hideko Kataoka, Director of Photography at Newsweek Japan