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Photographing the beauty of each season

5 years ago


Sarah Lyndsay is a landscape, wedding and portrait photographer based out of a small mountain town called Salmon Arm in British Columbia, Canada. 
Lyndsay loves shooting mountains and lakes around Canada. She explains how every couple of months there is always something new to photograph with each season. We featured a collection of her images on the @worldphotorg feed.



How did you become a photographer?
When I was 22 I became friends with a photographer and he spent some time showing me how he edits images in Photoshop. Immediately I wanted to learn how to use Photoshop so I got the program for myself. I then needed some images to work on so I started using my parents point and shoot camera taking photos of just about anything to work on in PS. My Photoshop interest led into what is now my career with photography. I haven’t put a camera down since.

What do you enjoy the most about photographing these amazing landscapes?
I love the diversity of the landscapes that I photograph. I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and I’m so blessed to have the chance to photograph it. Every couple of months there is always something new to photograph with each season. Wildflowers, vibrant fall colours , summer lakes, and frozen vistas!! Canada has it all!

Tell us about the series of images we featured.
The images featured are some of my favourite places that I have been to. Some right in my backyard and all the way to Iceland! They all stem around one genre of photography that I specialize in which is long exposure. I love the drama that long exposure adds to an image and I can’t get enough of the streaking clouds.

Do you have a favourite image? Why is it special?
Out of this series my favourite image would have to be Gardom lake sunrise. I’ve recently taken up time-lapse photography and that is one of the first scenes I practiced on. Nothing beats the moment at sunrise when you are waiting, filled with anticipation wondering what’s going to happen to the sky once the sun comes up.  Sometimes nothing and other times the world catches on fire just like that morning.  With a light show like that you can even feel the warmth on your skin as you watch the colour grow in the sky.

What inspires you in your shootings?
Mountains and lakes inspire me the most. I love all types of landscapes but the mountains are my home and I can always find inspiration from them. I also love the relationships I make with other photographers and being inspired by them and their own passions.