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Three days left to enter The Swap Project

5 years ago

The Swap Project is an initiative run by World Photography Organisation and the Creativehub where the global photography community are invited to swap prints with one another.

A great way to expand your print collection, The Swap Project is also a space to share knowledge, inspire creative conversations and network with like-minded professionals. Open for just three more days (deadline March 3, 2019, - 13.00 GMT) to enter simply sign up to Creativehub’s Print Club, upload the image(s) you’d like to share, click ‘share’ and you're ready to enter the Print Club. Then all you need to do is head over to the Print Club feed and browse the World Photography Organisation category.

For detailed instructions please check here.

Up to 10 of the most swapped images will be displayed in a free exhibition at Somerset House, from April 18 to May 6, 2019.

The winners will be announced March 12, 2019.

Below are a few of our favourite images entered so far. 

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