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New exhibition Arnold Newman: Masterclass in China

5 years ago

The World Photography Organisation and Anren Overseas Chinese Town, Junkan Cultural, are pleased to announce an exhibition about American photographer Arnold Newman (1918 - 2006).  Arnold Newman: Masterclass photography exhibition is on display at Mirroring Anren Thoughts & Culture Art Centre, Anren ancient town, Chengdu, until 24 February 2019.


Curator William A. Ewing at the opening of the exhibition in Chengdu

Curator William A. Ewing at Mirroring Anren Thoughts & Culture Art Centre

Curated by William Ewing, Curator at the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography (FEP), this exhibition marks the debut show of Newman’s works in China, in a world-class photography exhibition that has travelled around the globe. 

The exhibition is named “A Pilgrimage” — paying homage to the master, and to the 100 renowned sitters. The exhibition, named “A Pilgrimage”, features 100 photographs of 20th-century celebrities and cultural icons, taken across Newman's career. His 100 renowned sitters come from across the sciences, politics, and business and include Martha Graham, Phillip Johnson, Grandma Moses, Salvador Dali, Arthur Miller, and Pablo Picasso. Arnold Newman is regarded as one of the finest portrait photographers of the twentieth century and is especially known for his iconic portraits of important 20th-century figures.


"I think you can look at Arnold Newman as an ambassador. He brings vision of Western creative culture from the 20th century, and a big part of the 20th century. He worked for almost 70 years - that's a huge time span. He photographed individuals from so many creative domains, like painting, sculpture, photography, music, writing, including poets, authors, actresses, scientists, even business developers," says Wiliam Ewing, the curator of the exhibition.