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15 stunning images from around the world

5 years ago

Jeremy Horner is a British photographer who taught himself photography during his travels across Europe, North America and Asia. His memorable images are intimate portraits of ordinary people doing everyday things, and they are often likened to paintings due to  Horner’s use of color.

Horner became a member of Panos Pictures in 1995. His work has been published extensively in leading magazines such as National Geographic, GEO, Colors, Conde Nast Traveler and Newsweek, and has been exhibited globally. In 1991, he began a six-year stay in South America and published four books, including Living Incas, The Life of Colombia and Fiestas, Celebrations and Rituals of Colombia.

Horner has also produced books on Brunei and Saudi Arabia by royal commission, and has participated in prestigious international projects involving some of the world's leading photographers, such as Discovering Ecuador and Thailand: 9 Days in the Kingdom. Horner's latest book Nirvana explores the history of how Buddhism spread across Asia, covering sixteen countries. Published by Oro Editions, Fall 2016. 

His inspiration and motivation comes as much from color itself, and from his natural curiosity towards disappearing cultures and cultural activities“It is people’s daily lives which provide an understanding of a culture, so a strong sense of compassion with those I photograph is essential in the relatively fleeting collaboration it takes to produce meaningful images,” Horner says. 

Horner is a member of PhotoShelter, the leader in portfolio websites, photo sales, marketing, and archiving tools for photographers.